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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Smaller lot bit nicer Christmas trees

These next posts are on the same subject. The pictures were just posted directly from my iPhone and you can't send multiple pictures on the same email yet with that, so, three posts.

For about sixteen of the last seventeen years my wife and I have gone out and cut our own trees for Christmas. But, we've been unhappy the last few with tree farms in Washtenaw County.

Since we have a buyer's agent in our office who is very familiar with the Milford / Hartland / Brighton areas we asked Laura Degiovanni for her recommendations.

She suggested we check out the farms off M-59 near Hickory Ridge Rd.

The first we went to was Middle Rd. Farm. All their trees were priced at $40 and they seemed like very nice people, but we didn't really find one that was the right shape for us.

We then stopped by a large farm called Broadview that was actually closed. (We heard that they normally just sell cut trees and they were basically sold out for the year.)

Our third stop was Conrad Rader's farm at 3400 Tipsico Trail. This farm is actually in Holly and is smaller that the others. But, Conrad takes much better care of his trees and even though there were fewer trees, we gound that there were a lot that were very nicely shaped and in nice condition.

We ended up with an eight foot spruce that is one of the nicest trees I can remember having in our home.

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